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Marcasite Jewelry Electroform Rose Bracelet Sterling Silver [MB042]

Marcasite Jewelry Electroform Rose Bracelet Sterling Silver [MB042]

- Weight: 8.00 grams.

- Gemstone: Marcasite.

- Size: Length 210 mm.

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Bracelet information
Metal: 925. Sterling Silver
Gemstone: Marcasite
Special Finish: Electroform Silver
Measure: Length 210 mm.
Weight: 8.00 grams
Special Description: Electroforming Electroforming in layman terms simply means building up gold or silver by electro chemical deposition of a relatively thick layer of metal over a conductive or non-conductive base material like Wax or Organic Form as the base material.
Electroforming is used to create hollow or light jewelry designs (gold or sterling silver) that may be impossible to create by other means due to high material cost. It allows customers to purchase larger jewelry designs for a fraction of the cost charged for regular jewelry items, as the weight is significantly reduced while the size remains.
This piece of jewelry has 925 Trademark.